Funny Hats to Help Officials Think

In the Swedish municipality Laholm, in the south of Sweden, officials have been given colourful hats to help them become more innovative. The price – almost 2700 US Dollars.

The municipality of Laholm has not escaped the tightened purse strings of the financial crisis. But this does not affect the purchase of the hats, according to the head civil servant of the municipality Kristina Kosunen-Eriksson.

“This is a work tool, an example of non-traditional problem solving, “she said to local newspaper Hallandsposten.

The colours are representative for different ways of thinking, and it is hoped that the hats will help the wearers finding new angles from which to view problems.

“Every now and again you have to be a little bit crazy and have an open mind, Kosunen-Eriksson said to Hallandsposten.