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Mandatory Swedish Citizenship Classes Rejected

The Liberal Party conference ended on Sunday with members rejecting the party leadership's proposal for mandatory courses in Swedish citizenship for those seeking to become a Swedish citizen.

The proposal announced last year was aimed at teaching those immigrants seeking citizenship about the values and norms of Swedish society.

However on Sunday, the party delegates rejected the proposal by 83 votes to 71.


At the Swedish Liberal Party conference in Växjö Saturday, party delegates also came out in favor of weakening Sweden's "last in-first out" legislation on job security.

But many delegates who spoke for weakening the legislation even more than the conference compromise expressed their disappointment. They believe that reforming the current legislation will encourage employers to hire more.

The Liberals also reaffirmed their long-held position that more nuclear power stations should be built in Sweden. This despite last year’s decision by the center-right coalition in which the Liberals are a part, which reversed the previous planned phase-out of nuclear power here, but placing a ceiling on the total number of reactors in operation. The Liberals want to remove the ceiling.

Afterwards re-elected party leader Jan Björklund affirmed that the coalition agreement will be respected.