Stockholm Film Festival

Achievement Award to Susan Sarandon

American actress Susan Sarandon was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Stockholm film festival Saturday.

"The roles Susan Sarandon has played often gain a life of their own beyond the films themselves," said Swedish actor Gustaf Hammarsten, presenting the award to Sarandon who won an Academy Award in 1995 for her role as a nun counselling a death row prisoner in "Dead Man Walking."

"Reflection, seduction and rebellion animate her characters and seem to be the key tools in her actor's repertoire," he added.

Sarandon accepted the prize, a 7.3 kilo bronze horse – the heaviest of all film awards, according to organisers – following an interview and audience discussion at a theater in central Stockholm.

Before the festival is was announced that Susan Saradon had no plans to meet journalists but would set aside time to meet one person – table tennis legend Jan-Ove Waldner. The festival director says Sarandon, a keen player herself, put in a request to meet with Olympic gold medalist and former world champion Waldner.