Rail Bosses Apologise For Rail Misery

The large amounts of snow across the country played havoc with the transport system on Thursday and train company SJ was forced to call a press conference following widespread public anger over lengthy rail delays.

SJ's managing director Jan Forsberg could understand why people are upset.

"It is clear that people are wondering how difficult can it be to drive a train when one has done it for 150 years. But infrastructure is extemely sensitive," Forsberg told TT.

Earlier on Thursday, the Arlanda Express train en route from Stockholm to Arlanda Airport jumped its tracks when its wheels lost contact with the tracks because of heavy snow. Travelling at just ten kilometres per hour, no-one was hurt, but the accident caused massive delays on the commuter rail network and misery for thousands of passengers.

Banverket, the Swedish Rail Administration has declared that 1400 of its workers are removing snow and ice from tracks and signal boxes. The figure is double the number compared with last year.