Broken Royal Engagement

Media Follows Princess Madeleine to New York

The appeal by the Swedish Royal Court for "peace and quiet in this difficult situation" after "the extreme media coverage" seems to go unheard, the new agency TT reports.

The news of the broken engagement between Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström had journalists and photographers scramble to Newark Airport just outside New York on Saturday. There they waited in vain to get the first snapshot of and comments from Princess Madeline who is reported to have travelled to New York to work at the US-office of Childhood Foundation, an organisation working with vulnerable children and youth, founded by her mother Queen Silvia. But the reporters and photographers are not expected to give up that easily.

One photographer told TT's reporter that "New York must be the worst place outside Scandinavia she could go to" if she wants to be left alone. Another one said: "You can imagine what it will look like outside Childhood Foundation on Monday."

Princess Madeleine has spent several periods in New York before, and is reported to have a network of friend there that will protect her against the curious media.