Red-Greens Agree to Evaluate Conscription

The red-green opposition says no to the Government proposal to abolish conscription to the armed forces. The three party opposition have now agreed to launch a further inquiry into the issue, if they win the elections in September.

This has been a thorny issue for the opposition, with the Greens being positive to the idea of an all voluntary force, while the Social Democrats and the Left party are against it. Now the Greens have agreed to vote against the Government proposal, and make another evaluation of an all voluntary force.

Peter Rådberg, the Green representative of the parliamentary Defence Committee, which voted on the issue on Tuesday, denies that the Greens have made a u-turn. "it is pretty clear what we think, but we have agreed to evaluate it anyway, and I think that is reasonable," he told the news agency TT.

The Government proposal to abolish conscription still won the vote in the Defence Committee.