Afghanistan Continues to Split Opposition

If the red-green opposition wins the election is September, it is unclear what will happen with the Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan. According to the leader of the Left party, Lars Ohly, the three party opposition is not likely to come to an agreement before the elections.

Ohly and his party have repeatedly demanded an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, while the Social Democrats and the Greens want an evaluation in 2011 to decide what is best.

"So far, there are no easy solutions,"Ohly told reporters on Tuesday.

But the issue of prolonging the mandate for the troops in Afghanistan will come up pretty soon after the elections. If the red-greens win in the polls in September, they will have to make up their minds quickly how to deal with the issue. "It might be the time pressure that will help us agree," Ohly told Swedish Radio News.

The issue of the Swedish troops in Afghanistan has been discussed several times among the three parties, but at the moment there is a break in those discussions, Ohly said.

According to Swedish Television, both the leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin, and the Green spokesperson Peter Ericsson deny that the issue has been removed from the table for good before the elections. "I still have the hope that we will find a joint solution before the elections," Peter Ericsson told SVT news.