Cooking Up A Royal Feast

We are around a month away from the Royal Wedding and while Crown Princess Victoria has spoken of her pre-wedding jitters, there's one man who's feeling the heat, but won't be leaving the kitchen. 

Stefano Catenacci, 44, is the top chef at Opera Källaren , one of Stockholm's more exclusive restaurants and he's the man responsible for the wedding banquet!

The restaurant is just a short walk from the royal palace, which is quite handy when you consider that the team of chefs at Opera Källaren have been cooking state banquets and royal dinners for the past 40 years.

Now, just as his predecessor and mentor Werner Vögeli did for the King and Queen in 1976, head chef Stefano Catenacci will be preparing the royal wedding meal for Crown princess Victoria and Daniel Westling on June the 19th.

Asked by Radio Sweden's Dave Russell if he could give us a taster of what will be on the menu, the native italian and football fanatic's lips were sealed;

" I can't tell you! I'm sorry, that's the same answer I've been giving everyone. The only thing I can say is that we will be using local, Swedish products, because I think it is important to showcase Sweden because there will be a lot of guests coming from all over the world," the chef said.

Stefano Catenacci told Radio Sweden that the interest in the wedding dinner from journalists abroad has been huge;

"I knew it would be big but not that big, it's incredible. They all want to know, especially in Germany where they think the Queen is their own Queen. They ask a lot about Daniel Westling and of course, what are you going to cook!"