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Pirate Party Takes Over The Pirate Bay

Sweden's Pirate Party has stepped in the new distributor behind The Pirate Bay after a German court decision forced Internet provider Cyberbunker to shut the file-sharing site down. The site was only down for a matter of hours.

"Unlike other parties," party leader Rick Falkvinge told P3 Radio, "we act in defense of freedom of expression and the values we consider important."

To be exact, only The Pirate Bay's homepage and search engine are being housed on the Pirate Party's own servers in Stockholm. The rest, like trackers and torrent hosting, is on other servers, Falkvinge told TT on Tuesday, maintaining that this diversification makes a significant legal difference.

He also denies that the scheme is a political provocation, calling it a "sign that we stand for what we say."

The suit in German court was brought on behalf of several film companies, who objected to copyrighted material being shared on the site.