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Royal Delegation to China

The Swedish king is in China on Friday, leading a delegation of top figures from the Swedish business world. The Deputy Prime Minister and Enterprise Minister is also there. Minister Maud Olofsson says that in China people are impressed by the ability of Sweden to innovate, despite the country's small size. 

Swedish car company Volvo was recently bought by China's Geely, and Minister Olofsson says that the Chinese authorities are eager to know what reaction there has been from the Swedish people,

"I tried to to explain how important Volvo is for Swedes: that production stays, that Swedish rules are followed and that research and development is carried out in Sweden. But that we are also very pleased to get access to the important Chinese market."

Minister Olofsson signed a deal for closer cooperation with the Chinese Department for Reform and Development, covering the vehicles industry, but also looking to Sweden's mines, in the light of Chinese industry's high demand for steel.

Sweden was one of the first countries to recognise the People's Republic of China, 60 years ago, and this visit is officially a commemoration of that date - although Minister Olofsson says that in later meetings with the Chinese government she will also be raising the issue of political imprisonment.