Red-Greens Want Longer Paternity Leave

The red-green opposition will propose to divide the parental leave in three parts, Swedish Radio News reports. One third reserved for the mother, one third for the father, and the remaining third to either of the two.

This would more than double the time reserved for fathers to stay at home with the kids.

Currently, two of the 13 months of parental leave are reserved for the father, and two are reserved for the mother. But if the opposition pushes through the now leaked proposal, each parent would get four months and ten days of leave that cannot be transferred to the other parent.

The proposal is a way to try to encourage fathers to take a bigger share of the parental leave. Currently, the Swedish fathers take out on average just under 3 months of the parental leave, while the mothers take out just over 10 months.

The Left Party would like to divide the parental leave in half, to encourage fathers to stay at home longer with their kids. But Swedish Radio News reports they have accepted the parental leave in three parts as preferred by their coalition partners, the Social Democrats and the Greens, as a first step along the way.

The centre-right government parties is against dividing up the parental leave further, because they think it is up to the parents themselves to divide up the leave in a way that suits them.