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Suspected Sabotage Against KLM-Plane

Updated 18:00

When airline staff arrived at Linköping City Airport in the early hours of Saturday morning they realised that the KLM plane had been trespassed during the night. The flight was stopped and a bomb squad searched the plane for sabotage. No bomb or anything else was found, Swedish Radio News reports.

The plane was supposed to depart for Amsterdam at 06:15 on Saturday morning, but in the end, the passengers were rebooked to a 5 PM flight and for the first flight tomorrow morning.

The KLM-plane was the only one at the scene over night, and is therefore the only plane that was examined by the bomb squad, the airport CEO Torbjörn Mortensen told the news agency TT. Mortensen did not want to comment on the details of the discovery, but the local newspaper Östgöta Correspondenten quotes a source that says one of the plane's passenger doors had been left open.