Swedes More Positive To Immigrants

The Swedes have adopted a more positive outlook towards immigration according to a new study from Gothenburg’s University. About 36 percent of the Swedes think there are too many immigrants in the country which is a significant change in attitude if compared to 1993 when the same number was 56 percent.

Seventeen years ago one forth of the Swedes said they would not accept an immigrant marrying into the family and today that number is just over one in 10. The number of people who thought it was a good idea for Sweden to accept fewer immigrants has also fallen from 65 percent to 46 percent.

Woman, younger citizens and those living in urban areas are the most tolerant towards immigration according to the study, which measured the attitudes of 9,000 Swedes.

The change in attitude can also be seen in the falling support for Sweden’s rightwing anti-immigration party, the Swedish Democrats. Numbers from the latest poll show a 2.1 percent drop in support and the party is now well below the 4 percent threshold to get into parliament.