Missing Children's Day

More Children Kidnapped to Foreign Countries by One Parent

An increasing amount of children are held in a foreign country without the permission of one of their parents, newspaper Dagens Nyheter writes. At the moment, 110 Swedish children are being kept in another country against a parent's wishes.

Now, on this International Missing Children's Day, the government wants more countries to sign the Hague Convention, which would make it easier to bring the missing children back to Sweden.

Only 30 percent of missing children are recovered from countries that have not signed the Convention, compared to 85 percent for those in countries that have.

Yet the Swedish government's annoucement is not the only recent effort to help parents get their children back from foreign countries.

Just last week, the government said that it intended to shore up a law that allows a parent to take his or her children to another country on vacation and then legally keep the child there against the other parent's will.