Scandal-Plagued Doctor Relieved of Duty

The controversial Danish surgeon who made headlines recently for practicing in Sweden after losing her license to operate in Norway has been relieved of her medical duties for the time being, the county council of Gävleborg has announced. The doctor had been cited in 42 reports of misconduct in Norway, of which 29 led to monetary compensation, news agency TT writes.

Now the county has asked the National Board of Health and Welfare to probe the doctor’s case before going any further.

Kjell Norman of the Gävleborg county council said that patients had lost confidence in the surgeon’s abilities, leading them to give her duties that require no patient contact. But, he emphasized at the press conference, the hospital thinks that she has done a good job while working there.

Yet the county council did admitt that it was a mistake to not ask for the doctor’s references before hiring her.

According to news reports, the doctor is said to have left a bleeding patient on the operating table in Norway after arguing with a colleague. The patient had to undergo two more operations thereafter, and eventually died of an infection.

In Sweden, she has been reported to the Medical Responsibility Board six times, and once to the National Board of Health and Welfare.