Study: Simple Factors Halve Cancer Risk

Five factors can drastically reduce one's risk of developing cancer, a new Swedish research study holds. After following 25,000 women for eleven years, the researchers found that the right combination of diet, smoking, alcohol, body weight, and physical activity can halve a person's cancer risk.

Smoking should avoided entirely, the researchers say, while it's enough to pursue the other four factors in moderation. Researcher Alicja Wolk told Swedish Radio News that diet should be "reasonably good," while alcohol can be drunk in moderate amounts and body weight can vary by a few kilos either way without much of an effect.

Yet one needs to be physically active at least one hour per day to affect cancer rates, the study maintains.

The point of the study, Wolk said, is that one doesn't need to lead an extremely "ascetic" lifestyle to decrease cancer risk.