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Bildt Calls For Gaza Investigation

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has once again called for an international investigation into the Israeli action against the Ship To Gaza flotilla last week, in which nine people were killed.

During a debate in the Swedish parliament, Bildt called the decisions of the Israeli government: "foolhardy policies that lead to extremism, feed terrorism, and isolate Israel". As the incident occurred in international waters he called for an international investigation involving the United Nations.

The Left Party's foreign affairs spokesman, Hans Linde, called on the government to stop all military co-operation with Israel and called for the people behind the "bloodbath", as he called it, to face trial, according to TT.

The Social Democrats' Foreign Affairs spokesman, Urban Ahlin also called for Swedish military links with Israel to be broken, and called for a boycott of Israeli goods produced in the occupied territories.

Almost a dozen Swedes, including author Henning Mankell, were involved in the Ship To Gaza aid convoy. None of the Swedes were harmed in the Israeli attack.