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Murderer Checked For 400 New Crimes

Two-time Swedish murderer Anders Eklund is now being investigated for involvement in upwards of 400 unsolved cases of violent crime, news agency TT writes. The 43-year-old is currently serving a life sentence for the murders of 31-year-old Pernilla Hellgren in 2000 and ten-year-old Engla Höglund in 2008.

But starting in 1987, long before the two were killed, Eklund travelled over large swathes of Sweden as a truck driver. As police suspect he may have committed crimes while driving around the country, they have mapped his movements in detail and begun comparing them to unsolved crimes throughout Sweden.

“We haven’t been about to connect him to any of the crimes yet, but he has been in the same geographic area as these places and could have something to do with them,” chief inspector Anders Wretling told TT.

“We’re talking about crimes against women and children and similar crimes that he’s been convicted of,” Wretling finished.