Priest Who Supported Rapist Keeps Job

A priest in northern Sweden has been issued a warning for his involvement in a series of events last year, in which a 14-year old rape victim was hounded from a northern Swedish town, reports Swedish Radio news.

A Swedish television investigation revealed how parish priest, Lennart Kempe, in Härnösand, invited the girl’s attacker to take centre stage and give flowers to classmates at an end of school year church ceremony, shortly after his conviction for rape.

When confronted by the TV reporter the priest appeared to take the side of the rapist calling him a "poor lad".

A hate campaign directed against the rape victim, which allegedly included death threats, resulted in her fleeing the town.

Support for the boy and for the parish priest remained high in the area, causing a flurry of national media attention.

The Bishop of Härnösand told Swedish Radio news that the priest still has a lot of support:

“We got a petition of a thousand names saying ‘Don’t take away our priest who is so good’.”