military objections

Largest Wind Power Project at Risk

Updated 5:05 PM

Swedish Radio News reports that Sweden’s largest offshore wind power project is threatened because of objections from the military.

Blekinge Offshore is just starting construction off the southern coast in Hanö Bay. It’s planned to include 500 wind turbines.

But the site is within 40 kilometers of the Kallinge Air Force base, and the Swedish military says the project represents a risk to its Gripen jet fighters, because their radar might lock onto the wind turbines instead of enemy aircraft.

Anders Nilsson of Blekinge Offshore tells SR Blekinge: “If they don’t have better track of their aircraft than that, then something is wrong and the air force should change their systems.”

He adds that there is a billion dollar investment and hundreds of jobs at risk. “Clean energy is national concern, and I assume the government will question what the military is up to” Anders Nilsson says.

Swedish Radio News also reports that the Swedish military has been trying to block construction permits for wind power stations anywhere in the vicinity of air force bases.

Arne Hansson, one of the government’s wind power coordinators, says in response “If you can’t fly where there are wind power stations…one should reconsider what kind of planes you have.”