Trial of Helicopter Heist Ten

Update 11:45 AM

Ten men were indicted today for their involvement in the armed robbery of a Stockholm cash depot last autumn.

On 23 September 2009 a group of thieves used a helicopter to steal an estimated $5.3 million.

Since the spectacular robbery, a ten-month Swedish police investigation has gathered evidence, including DNA and telephone taps of suspects by the Serbian police.

”Today we’re indicting the top people involved in the robbbery,” prosecutor Leif Görts told Swedish Radio News, adding that one of those charged is the helicopter pilot.

Of the ten suspects, five are indicted for aggravated robbery and five for aiding and abetting. However just one of the suspects is accused of breaking into the cash depot. A further two suspects, believed to have shot their way into the depot, are still at large.

All ten deny the charges. The trial will get underway in a secure section of Stockholm district court on 2 August 2010 and is expected to last three weeks.

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