Thousands Arrive for Gothia Cup

The Gothia Cup, the biggest event for young people's football, is taking place in the city of Gothenburg, on Sweden's west coast.

This year over 1500 teams, from 71 countries, are here. That means thirty two thousand players aged from 18 to 12, plus twenty thousand more when you count family and friends.

Dennis Andersson, the General Secretary of the Gothia Cup, talks to Radio Sweden.

It's the second day of the tournament, how are things going so far?

"The two first days are always the most hectic and the most vital for the rest of the event, as that is the platform that you build on."

Some of the countries represented have recent histories of armed conflict with each other - is there ever trouble, or fights?

"I must say that when the USA plays Iraq, it's more of a peace game. The young people do not care about that kind of conflict, they show an open mind, and want to make friends, rather than making war", says Dennis Andersson.