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Fewer Guns In Sweden

Fewer Swedes own guns, but no one is sure why. Since 2007 the number of weapon licences have fallen by around 3% according to news agency TT.

622 154 Swedes are now registered as being gun owners, most of them hunters or competitive shooters.

Göran Nygren, from the Swedish Gun Sports Association attributes the fall to changes in the law about how the weapons have to be stored, with lawmakers tightening the rules in 2000, meaning weapons now have to be stored in secure cabinets. Gunowners were given until January 2011 to make the changes. Nygren told news agency TT the costs involved may have meant people have gotten rid of their weapons.

Carina Vangstad from the Swedish Police is not convinced by the case theory though. She says gun owners have had a decade to buy the gun cabinets. Instead she puts the fall down to lower interest in gun sports and hunting amongst younger Swedes.