Weapons of Mass Destruction

Blix Testifies at Iraq Inquiry

On Tuesday, former Swedish foreign minister Hans Blix testified to a British led inquiry panel into the Iraq war.

Blix said that both Tony Blair and George W. Bush had decided to invade Iraq in 2003 based on bad intelligence.

Blix, who served as UN chief weapons inspector from March 2000 to June 2003, has stated such opinions before, but this was the first time his comments built on that of others about the doubtful information that was used by the U.S. and Great Britain as part of a pretext for war, according to the Associated Press.

He said that immediately prior to the U.S.-led invasion, his weapons inspection team checked some 40 Iraqi sites that, according to U.S. and British intelligence, housed weapons of mass destruction.

But his team never found any such evidence.

"They should have realized, I think, both in London and in Washington that their sources were poor," said Blix.

"Their sources were looking for weapons, not necessarily weapons of mass destruction. They should have been more critical of that," said Blix.

Of Blair's decision, Blix said, "I certainly felt that he was absolutely sincere in his belief. What I questioned was the good judgment."

The British inquiry into Iraq was set up a year ago to examine the run-up to the Iraq war, the military action and its aftermath. It aims to identify what lessons can be learned for the future.