election poll

Government Parties Pull Ahead

Sweden's four-party centre-right coalition government is pulling ahead in the polls, with less than two months to go before Swedes vote in September's General Election.

In a new survey, published Wednesday, the centre-right parties register 48.6% support, with the three party red-green opposition getting 44.7%.

However, the far-right Sweden Democrats would also get just enough votes to be represented in parliament if the poll figures were to be repeated on September 19th. Getting 4%, they would hold the balance of power in the Riksdag.

This latest survey by the pollsters SKOP is in line with recent trends, but Social Democrat party secretary, Ibrahim Baylan says he is taking the figures with a pinch of salt, as the research was done in the middle of the summer holidays.

  • Moderates: 33.3% (-0.7)
  • Liberals: 6.6% (-0.1)
  • Christian Democrats: 4.0% (+0.4)
  • Centre: 4.7% (+0.9)
  • Social Democrats: 29.2% (-1.2)
  • Green Party: 10.5% (-0.5)
  • Left Party: 5.0% (-0.3)
  • Sweden Democrats: 4.0% (+0.5)

All the changes compared to last month's poll (in brackets) are within the statistical margin of error. Parties that get over 4% of the national vote are guaranteed seats in the parliament.