Glee Producer: "I'm trying to get them to do some Abba"

Swedish-American music producer Adam Anders says he wants the global TV smash "Glee" to feature some Abba songs in the upcoming second season.

Speaking to Radio Sweden, he says "I am pushing for that, I've got to do Dancing Queen at some time in the show. It hasn't been confirmed, but we're working on it".

Adam Anders, part of a musical family, moved to the States when he was young. He soon became a musician himself, and several years ago decided to focus on working in TV and films in Hollywood.

His work with Disney and Fox led to his latest work with the popular TV series Glee.

For Americans "Glee" is quite a familiar concept in high school, with "glee clubs", show choirs, where teens sing and dance and compete in local, state and national competitions. The programme features a mix of teen characters, controversial storylines and musical number and features the stern uncompromising cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, the precocious and really quite annoying Rachel, Finn the football star who is scared to let his inner musical star shine. With new versions of songs by Madonna, Journey, Lily Allen as well as old musical standards the show has been a hit far beyond the school auditoriums.

One season has been aired, and season two is now under production, with rumours and gossip about what viewers can expect later this year filling the internet.

Anders says the biggest challenge when working with Glee is the hectic schedule. "Sometimes we have to do 11 songs in four days, that really isn't normal", he says.