Most Hated Foods in Sweden

Sweden, with its unusual salty licorice and fermented fish, may not be known as a nation of picky eaters, but setting a plate of liver in front of a Swede may not win the most appreciative response.

Liver, along with organ meat hash and blood pudding, top the list of least popular foods in Sweden, according to an opinion poll by the GfK group and television station, Kanal 9.

While liver arouses the most disgust, with 13 percent of Swedes registering their distaste for it, a full tenth of the Swedish population do not like pölsa, the nation's equivalent of haggis, either. This, despite the fact that pölsa figures a central role in Swedish author Torgny Lindgren's novel of the same name.

Other unpopular foods in Sweden include the famous fermented herring called surströmming, as well as beans, fish, shellfish and fish balls.

Star chef Leif Mannerström told news agency TT, "Many people perhaps haven't experienced how good a properly prepared calf liver tastes."

Mannerström serves calf liver sliced, battered and fried, along with capers, mashed potatoes and fried apples, onions and bacon.

The chef added that even with Beef Bourgignon, a widely accepted delicacy, the dish can taste terrible or heavenly. He emphasized that much depends on the preparation.