Election 2010

Mass Demonstration: "We Are Ashamed"

Thousands of citizens gathered in central Stockholm on Monday evening to protest the nation's anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party. The party was voted into the nation's parliament for the first time on Sunday.

News agency TT reports that some 10,000 people gathered in the nation's capital to demonstrate against racism. Handwritten posters that the protesters carried bore such mottos as "No Racists in Parliament" and "We Are Ashamed."

Seventeen-year-old Felicia Margineaunu initiated the protest and sent out a call on Facebook, inviting people the take part.

"I want to show that we do not support racism in our country," Margineaunu told TT.  "I want us to gather and show that we want a diverse Sweden," she added.

Parallel protests took place in the southern city of Malmö and in western Gothenburg.