Arctic winds could mean another snowy winter

Sweden could be facing a repeat of last winter's deep freeze, with lots of snow covering the ground for months.

"It looks exactly like last winter now" says weather forecaster Per Kållberg to the Sydsvenskan newspaper. Kållberg works at the Swedish meteorological office, SMHI.

The reason, say scientists, is that cold air is still being brought in from the arctic by the so-called North Atlantic Oscillation. This weather phenomenon is in a 'negative' phase, just like it has been since December 2009.

Before that Sweden had 40 years of relatively mild winter, due to the oscillation being in a 'positive' phase.

Per Kållberg at SMHI says that this phenomenon has been known about for a long time, but scientists have no reason why it exists.

Already records are being broken - the lowest temperature in November since 1995 was recorded in Lappland, at minus 36.6 degrees celsius.