Bildt: "Medium size dog with big dog attitude"

Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has "limited political skills", according to a report sent back to the United States by the US Embassy in Stockholm, reports Swedish TV's documentary programme Dokument Inifrån. The programme has looked at yet more of the US diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks.

The embassy in Stockholm also described the foreign minister as "a medium size dog with big dog attitude", yet adds that he is respected in Sweden, has good global knowledge and an impressive network around the world. According to the TV documentary, the cable also tells the US administration to play on Bildt's desire to play on the world stage to get on his good side.

Bildt's response to the story? "I'm not a poodle, at least", he told news agency TT.

He added that the leaks did make diplomatic work more difficult: "90% of the work we do is open and in public, but just like journalists need to protect their sources, sometimes the same thing applies in diplomacy."