Remarkable recovery of 7-year-old girl

A seven-year-old girl who was found in the ocean on Sweden’s western coast on Christmas day, is slowly coming back to life. When the girl arrived at the hospital her body temperature was just 13 degrees Celsius, and she showed no sign of life.

According to doctors it is extremely rare that a person recovers from such extreme hypothermia.

“As far as we know nobody has survived such a low body temperature,” doctor Arvid Otterlind, told news agency TT.

A few circumstances, including the fact that she was already cold when she landed in the water, helped make her recovery possible according to Otterlind. The brain can survive longer without oxygen if the body temperature is lower.

Her age also helped.

“Children usually have better chances of surviving a situation like this compare to adults. The young, developing brain is a lot better at compensating for possible damage.”