Journalism 3.0 - Media Ecology and the Future

This is an interactive blog, debate site and online project about journalism and media development, initiated in 2010 by Swedish Radio’s Director General Mats Svegfors and Deputy Director General Cilla Benkö.

The aim of the project is to discuss and arouse debate around the subject of journalism and media development.

The online book was first presented in Swedish in November 2010 (Swedish title: Journalistik 3.0 – Medieormen ömsar skinn). We now would very much like to continue the discussion internationally.
   Our starting point is not simply Swedish Radio but rather the world of media in general. It’s about journalism, democracy, technology and media habits. It’s about the serpent of our age, shedding its skin.

What do you think about what we’ve written in Journalism 3.0 – Media Ecology and the Future? Are we right or wrong? Have we missed something important? Give us your comments so we can continue the discussion! Debate is the entire purpose behind this blog —we want the picture of the ongoing development of media to be as clear as possible.

Would you like to contribute or comment? Send an e-mail to our editor, Cecilia Djurberg.