"our party is not a company"

New leader speaks to Social Democrat conference

Updated 1:05 PM

In his first speech as the new leader of Sweden’s opposition Social Democrat Party, Håkan Juholt told the party conference Saturday that there is too much focus in the public sector on the market and profits. Instead he talked about equality and solidarity.

The new leader was applauded when the said “I’m not a CEO and the party is not a company”.

He also spoke against the center-right government’s policies for deregulation, especially in the electrical power market, and criticised private schools and healthcare providers who take tax revenues and give them to their investors.

Juholt rejected those, particularly in the media, who claim there is a left-right split among the Social Democrats, who after dominating Swedish politics for more than a century, have lost two elections in a row. His short analysis of the most recent loss was that the party did not offer a creditable view of contemporary society.

Håkan Juholt also promised a comprehensive program against child poverty in Sweden, and called for a rehaul of the current pension system, which he said is hurting many groups in society.