Few cases of genital mutilation are discovered

Since female genital mutilation was explicitly banned in Sweden 30 years ago only nine cases have been discovered, according to a new report from Uppsala University.

An estimated 20 000 girls under 18 in Sweden, come from countries such as Somalia and Eritrea, where genital mutilation is common. But since the procedure was made criminal in 1982 only 46 cases have been reported. Out of those only nine have been confirmed and only two people have been convicted in court.

But according to Elis Envall, at the National Board of Health and Welfare, there are probably a lot more unknown cases.

"I am convinced that there are several cases that are never known," she told news agency TT.

But it is unlikely that the procedure is done here in Sweden. Instead the board believes that most of the girls are taken abroad during longer holidays and that they have the procedure done in their home countries.