Protestors had occupied the Libyan embassy

Heavily armed police storm Libyan embassy

3:32 min

Police have stormed the Libyan embassy in Stockholm after several people occupied the building earlier today. Seven people have been arrested and charged with trespassing, and preparing to commit arson and damage.

Around 20 heavily armed police officers broke in through the window on the bottom floor during the afternoon.

A small disturbance broke out outside the cordoned off area when the police stormed the building. Around 20 people chanted “Libya” and police pushed back against them with batons.

Earlier this morning several people broke into the embassy and hung the Libyan opposition flag outside the winter together with a banner that read, “We will kill ourselves if you try to come in.”

None of those arrested were injured and police spokesperson Kjell Lingren says none of the protestors resisted arrest.

Police say several men were seen through the windows with lighter fluid and matches. Police then decided to storm the building because they believed the protestors were attempting to light it on fire.

The occupiers believe Sweden still has contact with the Kadaffi regime.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry confirmed that a Libyan foreign embassy was registered, but denied that Sweden had any contact with those individuals.