Still unclear how Sweden will vote on Palestine

As Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas seeks full membership from the United Nations Friday, it is still unclear how Sweden will vote on the matter. To have its request granted, Palestine needs 9 out of the 15 members to vote yes.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt wrote in a debate article in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter earlier in the day that Sweden's position is clear: "We want to see two states existing side by side in peace and reconciliation. We'll stand behind all initiatives that further this goal."

However, he has said earlier that Palestine needs to posess real control over its territory before statehood is recognized, according to news agency TT.

Meanwhile, foreign minister Carl Bildt wrote on his blog that settling the matter will likely take time yet. He writes also that the current conditions for peace negotiations are not ideal, considering the Israeli settlement policy. He warns this could soon rule out the possibility of a two-state solution.

The vote could take weeks.