Frequently asked questions about Klartext

We often get questions about the programme.
We answer the most common questions here.

Can I get the text/ transcript of the programme?
Many of our listeners use Klartext to learn the Swedish language.
We often get letters from listeners who ask if they also can get the transcripts
to read as they listen.
But unfortunateley we cannot offer that service.
Our scripts are written to be spoken on radio
so they are not an ideal learning tool for people who want to learn Swedish.
Klartext has a staff of only two or three people
so we only have time to write a short summary for our website.
So, no, it is not possible to get the text of the programme.

Who is the program for?
Many think that Klartext sounds different from other news programmes,
and wonder who the program is made for.
It is true that Klartext sounds different.
Our aim is to be clearer and simpler than ordinary news.
Our mission is make news that everyone can understand.
For example people with disabilities that have some difficulties understanding and people with low levels of education.
But we have noticed that many others also listen to Klartext.

Why do you write so differently on the home page?
Making the text more open, makes it easier to read.
There are both books and newspapers
written in an easy to read way.
An example is the newspaper "8 pages" which has news in easy-to-read Swedish.
They also have a website: