Eight-year-old killed

Accident spurs country-wide gravestone checks

Graveyard wardens throughout the country have been asked by the Swedish Church to ensure that all gravestones are fixed securely to the ground. This comes after the tragic accident in Bollebygd on Sunday, when an eight-year-old girl died after a gravestone fell on top of her.

The circumstances of the accident are not yet clear, but there are speculations the grave stone may have been very old, the news agency TT reports. Newer gravestones are secured with rust-free "studs", but other, less reliable material was used in the past, so it is important to check the stones regularly, says Staffan Lundstedt from the Swedish Church.

"One should not play at a graveyard, but we cannot ignore that it happens. Of course a graveyard should be safe, you should not have to risk gravestones falling down just because you bump into them," he told TT.