Two well-known Swedish politicians debate the EU debt crisis

Debate: Debt crisis or euro zone crisis?

10 min

Ahead of the Group of 20 summit in Cannes, France this week, European leaders found themselves to be victims of a historic twist of fate. They were hoping to ask some of the big developing countries like China and Brazil for money to contain the debt crisis in the euro zone. Instead, the leaders are fighting again today for the survival of the European Union, as political mayhem continues in Greece.

Back in Sweden, opinion makers, politicians, and the general public are still debating whether or not to adopt the euro currency. A referendum was held in 2003. And Swedes voted no, 56 percent in favor, 42 percent for. Yes, most Swedes are still against joining the Euro. But now and again, when a financial crisis reverberates within the EU, the debate is reignited. Now, is such a time.

So Radio Sweden invited into the studio two politicians to debate it out. Jonas Sjöstedt, the party leader candidate for the Left Party, who is against Sweden joining the euro, and Carl Hamilton, a Liberal Party Parliamentarian and a member of the Parliament's finance committee, who wants Sweden to join.