Man in custody for Ludvika murder

A 22 year old man is in custody in Ludvika, suspected of killing a 44 year old man on Friday. He admits that he was at the location in central Ludvika, but denies any wrongdoing.

The 22-year-old turned himself in to police on Sunday night, after police had been looking for him over the weekend. He had been identified in a witness statement. The victim was attacked by a group of at least three while on his way home from a Christmas party. So far there is no explanation for the attack.

Police believe the murder has no connection to a murder attempt in Ludvika on Saturday, when a 28 year old man was shot in the stomach. A suspect, also 28, was arrested on Saturday afternoon. According to the news agency TT the man is known to police for minor drugs offences, but not for serious crimes.

Ludvika is a small town in Dalarna, west of Stockholm. It has just under 14,000 inhabitants.