Sweden to study North American integration

The center-right government coalition has given the go-ahead for an investigation to look into how getting Swedish citizenship can be used as a tool to improve integration.

In a debate piece in the daily, Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish integration minister, Erik Ullenhag of the Liberals, writes that while citizenship grants the right to vote in Parliamentary elections and hold a Swedish passport, there is a deeper, symbolic side to it that means belonging to a community.

The investigation will look at significance of Swedish citizenship and, if needed, how that can be legislated. 

It will also suggest what a ceremony for all new Swedish citizens might look like. Ullenhag refers to the use of such ceremonies in Canada, the U.S. and Australia, countries which he believes have been successful with immigration.

At a press conference, Ullenhag said the investigation will also look into the requirements of becoming a Swedish citizen, for example, the length of time one needs to reside in Sweden to become one. He did not rule out the possibility of a language test.