Record year for drug seizures

Last year the Swedish customs seized a record amount of narcotics - a 40 percent increase on last year. A large part of the haul is made up of narcotic medicines, which can be fake copies and very dangerous.

The General Director of the Swedish customs is Therese Mattsson. She says to the newsagency TT that these copied drugs can have "a completely different effect than expected" and they may even kill you.

Mattsson says that it is good news that they have seized so much, but saddening that there is so much consumer demand for dangerous narcotics.

The Swedish customs stopped narcotics 5,945 times in 2011. 200 of these were thanks to a new law that came into force last April. The law says that the authorities can take and destroy dangerous substances that they think will be used to cause intoxication, even if the substances themselves are not classified as illegal.