government ups sentencing

Tougher weapon laws spurred by Malmö, Utöya

The Swedish government wants tougher sentencing for illegal weapons possession. Justice Minister Beatrice Ask told Swedish Radio News that proposed changes would tackle the import of weapons and make possession of a weapon in a public place, such as schools, punishable by up to six months in prison.

It will also become illegal to store another person's weapon and to import a weapon from another EU country without registering it with Swedish authorities. Today, it is required to register weapons but failure to do so carries no punishment.

The pre-requisites for legally buying weapons will also be reviewed and if the government's proposal passes parliament, the new laws will come into effect in July.

According to Swedish Radio News, some of the changes were deemed necessary after last year's terror attack in neighbouring Norway's Utöya, the 2007 school shooting in Finland, and the series of recent shootings in the southern city of Malmö.