Czech to seach for JAS Gripen bribery evidence

A Czech investigator is expected to visit Sweden to search for evidence of bribery in connection to that country's purchase of Swedish JAS Gripen fighters. Several countries are cooperating in the effort to gather evidence. The defence and security company Saab AB manufacturers the JAS Gripen.

The Czech investigator will meet Gunnar Stetler, the chief prosecutor in the Swedish corruption unit. "If I find enough evidence to believe that a decision maker at Saab has participated in this then of course I will take action," Stetler tells news agency TT.

In addition, Stetler has been considering launching a preliminary investigation into South Africa's purchase of JAS Gripens fighters. In June, Saab announced that its earlier partner, British BAE systems, had paid out millions to a South African government advisor in 2003 and 2004. Saab said it was unaware the bribery took place. The information led to a new investigation in South Africa and Stetler is expecting more visits from that country as well.

There has also been suspicion of bribery in JAS Gripen deals with Hungary and Austria.