From bullied teenager to Sweden's worst arsonist

15 min

It's a little over a year since the man dubbed by the Swedish media as "Gryningspyromanen" - the dusk and dawn arsonist - was arrested for setting fire to the attic of an apartment building in which 37 people were forced to flee their homes.

Ulf Borgström was sentenced to eight years in prison on two counts of arson, but is believed by police to be the man behind over a hundred fires in Skåne, Dalarna and Småland, dating back to 1993.

Now a new book has been released by fire engineer and investigator, David Wiklund, along with journalist, Jörgen Petterson,  which is called  "Gryningspyromanen" - From bullied teenager to Sweden's worst arsonist - which tries to give a picture of Ulf Borgström and why he was so difficult to catch.

Click on the link to hear David Wiklund's interview with Radio Sweden.