Parliament debates organized crime

Parliament is holding a special debate today on organized crime. The Social Democrats, who called the extra session, want to strengthen the penalty for illegal weapon possession after the wave of murders in the southern city of Malmö.

"When you open the newspaper, it's like stepping into an American gangster film," said Morgan Johansson, a Social Democrat member of parliament who presented his party's program to fight organized crime.

"We need people on the national level to take responsibility if we want to stop the crime," he said.

The Social Democrats want to strengthen the national control over organized crime and boost the National Crime Investigation Department's resources. The party also wants to appoint a national coordinator for crime prevention and make it easier to tap the telephones of people suspected of illegal weapon possession.

The Justice Minister Beatrice Ask said that the government is already instituting or looking into many of these proposals. "The use of illegal weapons is a problem, but the government is going to present new legislation on illegal possession so that more crimes can be classified as serious and lead to imprisonment."