attack in december

Eight charged for brutal gang rape

Eight men have been charged for the gang rape of a woman in December. Swedish crime experts say this type of attack, with so many attackers, is rare in Sweden.

The charges say the rape was particularly brutal because the men held the woman in place by her head. They also covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming as they repeatedly attacked her in a Migration Authority residence.

The penalty for violent rape is four to ten years in prison.

The prosecutor has asked that seven of the eight accused be deported if they are convicted of the crime.

The Swedish Crime Prevention Council says that one in ten reported rapes is a gang rape, but the most common form is two men raping one woman. "That there are this many assailants is extremely rare," researcher Martin Grann said to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

"This is an incredible violation," says the 29-year-old woman's legal council, Charlotte Bokelund, to Aftonbladet. "She is still suffering psychologically."

When the woman called emergency services after the attack, she said she had been raped "all night".

The trial begins March 14 in Jönköpings district court.