More freedom given to police

Government passes law on phone and internet surveillance

The government has decided to pass a hotly debated law regulating the monitoring of phone and internet activity.

The law regulates how and when the police will be able to listen in on phone conversations and monitor internet activity.

According to the law, the police would be able to monitor people's activity on the internet and on the phone in secret, even before those people have been suspected of a crime.

The Social Democrats and the liberal parties are both in favour of the decision to pass the law, and agreed on the importance of being able to listen in on telephone conversations in crime and sexual abuse cases, as well as internet crime.

One of the most controversial issues regarding the new law is whether the police should have to right to crack down on petty internet crime. Jens Holm of the Left Party was one of the MPs who was critical of the law.

"In that case you would end up with the police being allowed to hunt down file-sharers, and then I think you've gone wrong", he told Swedish National Radio.