More voters support the Sweden Democrats

The Sweden Democrat Party is with 6.6 percent Sweden's fourth biggest party in Sifo's electoral survey for May.

The poll highlights the growing difference between the two blocks of government and opposition parties with the red/green block enjoying a ten percent lead over the centre-right coaltion government and would receive its own majority in parliament if the election was today.

The Sweden Democrats views on immigration which played a large part in its election to parliament at the last election is less central for those who now say they support the party, according to Sifo's poll.

"One can also see that the party has tried to broaden its politics but has not been especially successful with it," says Toivo Sjörén to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet which commissioned the poll.

The biggest losers in the opinion poll is the Christian Democrat Party which dropped 0.4 percentage points to leave it outside the four percent threshold needed for parliament. The party, which is a member of the four party centre-right government alliance has seen its support cut in half since the election.