union report

More workers waiting for pay

According to Unionen, which represents Swedish white-collar workers, an increasing number of employers in Sweden are delaying pay-day, reports Swedish Radio.

The number of people who had to wait months before getting paid for their work, or were paid only a fraction of the promised salary, has increased by 27 percent in the past two years.

Unionen's head of legal affairs, Martin Westfält, says that when companies are hit by financial troubles, it is increasingly common for employers to ask their staff if they can wait a few months before receiving their salary.

"Most employees agree to it. And then they may even only be paid a small fraction of their salary. People's own money problems then increase too, they might get fined for not being able to pay their bills", Westfält told Swedish Radio.

The union's review finds that both small and big companies are guilty of putting off paying their employees. The highest number of cases were reported in industrial firms, recruitment agencies, and companies in the service sector.